Blog photo 2Maybe you’ve driven through the country and seen an old hardwood timber bridge still being used or the remains of a davit over a long-abandoned mine shaft? They are testament to the amazing strength and durability of the 20 or so types of Australian hardwood timber. Hardwood has incredible strength due to its denseness and straightness. It can take the weight of vehicles and giant buckets full of ore. Over the last 100 years hardwood has been used for anything from boat building to railings, planking to mine shaft walls, chemical vats to wine casks and bulwarks to decking. Of course these days we are very aware of the environment and the need to ensure our forests remain sustainable.There are tight regulations about how hardwood timber is grown and harvested.

At Pace Pallet Services we only source hardwood from sustainable forests. These forests are managed so that the amount of wood taken from the forest is in balance with the forest’s natural production. Blog photo 1Each tree removed is replaced by another one either naturally grown or planted on purpose. By keeping to this limit there isn’t any soil degradation or impact on future growth. The ecology of the forest is protected so that its climate and water cycles continue naturally. We use hardwood timber in a variety of ways depending on the needs of each customer. For example when we were asked to custom design a pallet to carry 6 metre long pipes we used hardwood mixed with soft timber (pine) to increase the integrity of the pallets. We call this a hybrid pallet design. When we were asked to design a pallet to transport curved sheets of glass across Australia we opted for an all-hardwood construction to ensure there wasn’t any breakage.

There are many ways of using hardwood timber in our day to day life and it’s strength is fascinating – here at Pace Pallet Services we make any custom order possible and manufacture durable, sustainable and tough logistic designs.

Thank you for your interest, your Pace Pallet Services – Team.

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