The Rise in Popularity of Industrial Furniture

In recent times, there has been an increasing trend in industrial furniture. It seems that society has gone ‘back to basics’ when it comes to furnishing  one’s home or commercial space, with people preferring simplicity and functionality over extravagance and style. This minimalistic movement has seen furniture being stripped back, where it is now popular to display the building materials in their purest and rawest forms. In the past, this was something that most tried to conceal. This is because people have now realised that function is just as important as style and it appears that we have hit a time where it is being encouraged that we appreciate and acknowledge this.

You may be wondering why industrial furniture is growing in popularity? Well, the main reason is due to cost and mass production. By having clean lines and simple structures, mass production is a lot easier as the overall assembly of furniture is able to take place in a more efficient and timely manner. This is in comparison to extravagant furniture which requires unique and detailed features, mainly used to hide the materials used. Even though cost is a crucial factor, this popularity is also due to the fact that the designs associated with industrial furniture reflect modern times of basic yet edgy. Displaying the building materials forces people to pause for a moment and really take in the structural elements of a particular piece of furniture.

With this in mind, at Pace Pallet Services, we have begun to embrace the benefits of industrial furniture by utilising our materials and industry knowledge that we would usually use to create our custom pallets and crates in order to design and create furniture pieces that are suitable for homes and businesses.

Top Table

Top View of Table

Corner Table

Corner View of Table

Our upgraded boardroom boasts a large, solid and awe-inspiring table used for meetings and conferences. As you can see the base of this table has been constructed out of pallets, with the top being constructed out of quality timber with a polished finish. This table is impressive to look at and reminds us of the basic design of a table – that being a structural base and top bench. It also reminds us of the function of a table – to bring people together – as opposed to a boastful item used to increase social status.



In addition, we have produced a simple yet impressive workbench out of the timber normally used to construct our pallets and crates. Again, this workbench showcases the materials in its purest form and would be suitable for companies and even individual households in one’s office or shed. We also have the capabilities to produce other standard furniture items such as bed frames made out of pallets … this trend has been proven popular on social media sites and trendy interior design and homeware stores.



Finally, our custom crates and pallets make perfect storage solutions and are not just suitable for massivecompanies. What’s even better is that they can be custom-made to suit individual preferences according to factors such as the size of the space in one’s house or commercial office.

All in all, the saying ‘less is more’ is spot on for industrial furniture and the benefits that come with it. It’s time that we take a step back and appreciate the furniture in its purest form – that is the building materials that make up the table, the workbench, the bed frame. It’s also time that we begin to realise the savings that can result from utilising industrial furniture.

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