The Basics about Timber Boxes and Crates.

Using the correct packaging terms can be important, when discussing about your requirements.

Box dimensions are quoted as the internal dimensions of the box in the following sequence: first the length, as the longest dimension of the opening, followed by the shortest dimension of the opening (width), and the dimension from the top of the opening to base (depth). These are designated L, W and D, respectively.

This sequence of quoting is also used for ordering purposes:
Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D)

Timber Box with no lid.

Timber Box with no lid.

Here are some common terms used when discussing about boxes and crates.

BOX: A container which provides structural protection to its fully enclosed construction.
: Alike to a box, a crate provides similar protection though it is constructed with open-slatted concept.
CLEATED BOX or CRATE: A nailed box or crate having two or more inside and/or outside cleats on two opposite faces to reinforce the box and increase the nailing area.
BRACING for BOX or CRATE: Single, double or multiple diagonal members taking the form of an X or X X shape, fitted mainly to prevent racking (diagonal deformation), and to a lesser extent, to prevent compressive damage in that the total thickness is increased
SKIDS: Longitudinal timber beams that, together with cross boarding, support the load and form the base of a box.
BEARERS: Timber beams nailed to the underside of the skids to provide location for lifting ie fork lift tines.
KILN DRIED: Timber with a moisture content between 10 to 15 percent. This timber is usually export ready.
RUBBING STRIPS: Thin strips of wood nailed to the underside of the skids to facilitate the entry of slings of fork tines, and having no structural strength other than compressive strength and resistance to wear.
GROOVING: A method of machining, quite commonly done on the bearers, for strapping purposes.

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