Pallet Management

This is a holistic service which helps our clients maintain streamlined delivery of their packaging services to their customers.

Pace Pallet Services works closely with each client – aware of their ever-changing pallet requirements – and by regularly reviewing and replenishing stock levels we help to ensure that proper quantities are always available when required. Whether that requires minimum/maximum or KAN BAN systems.

Weekly on-site audits provide up-to-date information on quantities and their condition. The combination of our Pallet Manufacture, Pallet Collection, Pallet Repair and Pallet Reconditioning services prevent companies from being in the position of experiencing costly delays or bottle necks due to an unexpected lack of pallets.

At the same time, by being aware of future shipments and transport requirements, Pace Pallet Services contributes to significant cost savings by providing solutions such as pallet alternative and pallet recovery.

For a complete pallet designpallet manufacture and pallet management solution contact us today on 02 9604 2700.

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