Pace Pallet Management (PPM) – Exclusive To Pace Pallet Services.

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Our years of experience in the pallet-crates-skid industry have led to the development of a unique system which ensures that businesses don’t run out pallets and crates whilst providing attractive cost savings and benefiting the environment.

We call it Pace Pallet Management (PPM) and it features inter-connected “Make Manage Recover Repair” services (M2R2).

PPM includes Pace Pallet Products (PPP), Pace Pallet Collection (PPC), Pace Pallet Repair (PPR) and Pace Pallet Waste (PPW).

Pace Pallet Management (PPM).

Often companies don’t know how many pallets or crates they have in stock – especially when they have more than one site – and can be caught-out when a large customer order arrives. Knowing that there can be fluctuations in the numbers of stock required at any one time, Pace Pallet Services conducts regular audits of pallet stocks. Usually these are every week.

We provide weekly reports on the types and quantities of available stock as well as updates on damaged stock. We practice a ‘lean yard stock’ procedure. This ensures that customers are not having to pay to transport or store unnecessary volumes which adds to their overheads.

When extra pallets or crates are required we can supply them on demand.

Customers can request extra quantities of pallets and crates using a software package which we developed. The dashboard shows stock levels and locations of stock. Each type of pallet and crate is coded and all it takes is a few keyboard clicks and our workshop will immediately produce new stock to order.

Pace Pallet Products (PPP).

The Pace Pallet Services factory manufactures softwood and hardwood pallets, skids and crates to order.
Our in-house designer uses industry-specific CAD software to design one-off or low-volume made-to-order custom pallets and crates. These are often for fragile or uniquely shaped products which will not fit on a standard pallet.

Pace Pallet Collection (PPC).

PPC is all about “reverse distribution”. Pallet Pallet Services has a fleet of trucks which cover the whole Sydney area and recover discarded and damaged stocks and take them to our Wetherill Park-based workshop.

Pace Pallet Repair (PPR).

When a damaged or discarded pallet or crate can be “re-birthed”, the workshop at Pace Pallet services is able to make the necessary repairs. We have a range of timber stocks available to quickly return a pallet or crate to ‘active service’.

Pace Pallet Waste (PPW).

Being a company which uses timber stock every day we are very conscious of the environment and sustainability (refer to our articles on sustainable harvesting of timber by our supplier).

When pallets and crates are beyond repair they still have a useful purpose. The timber is shredded and used as animal bedding or mulch. This reduces the amount of timber being sent to landfill and reduces carbon emissions. The “green friendly” process is known as Pace Pallet Waste (PPW).

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