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We hear about this happening all the time. A customer calls in with a last-minute order that wasn’t expected, or they change an existing order and add to it while still expecting the delivery at the same time as before.

How do you make sure you have enough pallets and crates to cope with the constant changes? That’s where our holistic service called Pace Pallet Management (PPM) comes in. PPM ensures that a company never runs out pallets and crates.

PPM offers inter-connected “Make Manage Recover Repair” services (M2R2) and was devised by Pace Pallet Services in Sydney. PPM includes Pace Pallet Products (PPP), Pace Pallet Collection (PPC), Pace Pallet Repair (PPR) and Pace Pallet Waste (PPW). Regular audits of pallet stocks (weekly) by Pace Pallet Services keep businesses updated on quantities of each type of pallet or crate, and they are able to request additional stock via an exclusive software package developed by Pace Pallet Services. All it takes is a few keyboard clicks and the job is done.

Our customers don’t have to stock pile pallets and crates which adds unnecessary costs to their outgoings. It is far more efficient for them to allow us to keep an eye on stock levels, to practice a ‘lean yard stock’ procedure, and when extra pallets or crates are required we can supply them on demand.

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