Pallet TechnologyDon’t think for a moment that our industry is without innovation and online technology. And we’re not talking about the CAD design of custom pallets, skids and crates. Pace Pallet Services has developed a revolutionary holistic system which is radically changing the way companies use their pallets and crates. The combination of on-site services as well as our own proprietary computer software is saving customers thousands of dollars.

Our system is called Pace Pallet Management™ (PPM™). It is a complete Make-Manage-Recover-Repair (M2R2™) system. PPM consists of 4 core services: Pace Pallet Products (PPP™), Pace Pallet Collection (PPC™), Pace Pallet Repair (PPR™) and Pace Pallet Waste (PPW™). It features a software application which was developed by Pace Pallet Services. With just a few keyboard clicks our customers know exactly what types of pallets they have and where they are. Each pallet and crate is coded which makes it a very simple process to order fresh stock and it can all be done online. The software is linked to our workshop which immediately responds to new orders.

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