For more than 30 years Australia’s only specialised curved glass manufacturer has been providing various profiles of glass for residential architecture, commercial fit-outs, food display cabinets and other applications. Bent Glass Crates_003Glass is a challenging product to pack and ship and when you add curves and bends the job becomes even more difficult. The unique profiles become harder to fit in a standard sized crate and require packing or internal frames to prevent movement in transit.

“When the owners approached us wanting custom designed crates to ship their glass products across Australia I was very excited because it is in exotic projects such as this where Pace Pallet Services excels”, says Pace Pallet Services founder Michael Mourad.

“They have been in the glass industry since 1950, they are incredibly experienced and gave us very specific instructions. Bent Glass Crates_002They needed a heavy duty construction to protect the glass. If the crate stood higher than half a metre the bottom side and end slats had to be butted up to prevent forklift tines accidentally going through the gaps and damaging the glass. When the crate was of a certain width we had to apply a different type of bearer to allow forklift extensions to go underneath. Some of their glass panels are very large and heavy and these crates required extra bracing. And, the sides had to be what we call a hit and miss technique with gaps between the slats to provide visibility to everyone so that they know the goods inside are fragile.”

Michael says his custom design team, which uses specialised computer software to create their one-off schematics, was able to come up with a solution which completely answered the project brief,

“Our customer has told us that they trust us because of the superior quality of our crates.”

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