Pallet Management

Let Pace Pallet Services take care of your stock control, repairs and replenishment. Leaving you to focus on your business. Our holistic pallet management service means you will always have the right amount of pallets available to supply your products to your customers. No bottle necks. We regularly review and replenish stock levels and work closely with each client to understand their changing pallet requirements. Weekly on-site audits provide up-to-date information on quantities and their condition. By being aware of future shipments and transport requirements, Pace Pallet Services contributes to significant cost savings by providing solutions such as pallet alternative and pallet recovery. We track down damaged pallets and where possible restore them to their original condition so that they can be re-used. This is a cheaper option than replacing them with new pallets with cost savings as high as 50%.

For a complete pallet design-manufacture-management solution contact us today on 02 9604 2700.

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