Australia Standard Pallet Size and Dimensions

Australia standard pallets are square non-reversable pallets that are standard in Australia and non-standard anywhere else in the world.

The wooden pallets are 1165 by 1165 millimetres (45.9 by 45.9 in) in size and fit perfectly in the RACE (container) of the Australian railways. They are ill-suited for the standard 20 feet (6.1 m) and 40 feet (12 m) ISO shipping containers used around the globe. Australian standard pallets are usually manufactured in Hardwood, but 1165 × 1165 mm pallets can also be manufactured in many configurations. Why have a heavy duty 2 ton pallet designed for mutli uses and multiple deliveries? You may only need a pallet to carry 250kg for a one way journey.

At Pace Pallet Services we work closely with our customers to ensure that the pallet is ‘fit for purpose’. We can help save cost by reducing excess and improve safety by designing wooden pallets to meet your exact pallet dimensions, weight and use requirement (eg. for racking, top loading, one way journey etc.)

For Standard Pallets or Custom Design Pallets call us on (02) 9604 2700 anytime to help review your pallet, skid, crate, box and wood packaging needs.



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